Are you ready to stop your chronic low back & Neck pain?

We are setting the standard and leading the way for the non-surgical spinal decompression therapy to become the treatment of choice for those suffering with chronic, severe, disc related back pain. We can only accept 12 new patients per month and it is our goal to give the lives back to these 12 special people.

Dr. Elliott Serves
Vista California

Dr. Mark ElliottAfter receiving his license in 1991, Dr. Elliott opened Performance Chiropractic Center (aka Advanced Spine and Joint Care) in Vista, CA in 1992 and then Spine Decompression Center – the Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression side of the clinic in 2006.

Dr. Elliott has attended postgraduate education that produced certificates of achievement in X-ray diagnosis and interpretation; Receptor-Tonus Method (NIMMO deep tissue/myofascial release technique); achieved the status of Qualified Medical Evaluator and an Industrial Disability Evaluator for the state of California (2001-2007), is one of the only Kennedy trained and certified Spinal Decompression Therapy Practitioners in San Diego county; and qualified as a Level 1 Rehabilitation facility in 1997 by the Chiropractic Rehabilitation Association and the American College of Rehabilitation Science.

To further Dr. Elliott’s ability to offer the best care possible he has trained with Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist and author Dr. Michael Johnson. Dr. Johnson trained under Dr. Frederic Carrick who is Chiropractic’s only Neurological Fellow. This new chiropractic neurological technique is called Brain Based Therapy (BBT) which is a treatment program based on Dr. Carrick’s work. The treatments are all neurologically based and clinically proven to help with chronic neck and back pain, fibromyalgia, restless leg syndrome, migraines, RSDS, numbness, balance disorders and other chronic health and neurological conditions that traditional medicine often has poor results treating..

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If you are in need, or considering a chiropractor, then I highly recommend Spine Decompression Center. As a new patient, Dr. Elliott has taken an in-depth approach to pinpointing my cause for pain and putting together a treatment plan to give me relief! He works around my work schedule and time restraints. Dr. Colgrove constantly checks on my progress and is always ready to listen to my feedback.

Beverly White

I've gone to Dr. Elliott for 2 years and been consistently pleased. He listens intently, explains what he's doing & why and is practical in his recommendations. I also appreciate that the cold laser has helped heal my plantar fasciitis and other sports injuries.

Barbara M

I visited Spine Decompression Center yesterday for a pinched nerve. I was seen (same day!). Dr. Elliott took great care of me, and I feel so much better. Highly recommend.

Marcie Jones

Dr. Elliott is thorough & very knowledgeable. He uses the laser for eczema on my hands & they are healing quickly. I go back frequently for adjustments & I've never felt better!

Carolyn Vacca

Family-friendly office with helpful office staff! Convenient hours and location with good parking. For years I suffered from debilitating headaches causing me emotional stress, frustration and missed work. I tried the medical route getting imaging studies, taking muscle relaxants and pain medications. Nothing helped. Dr. Elliott evaluated me, took the time to explain his findings and gently adjusted me and stopped my headaches in their tracks! Now I go see him regularly to ward off those headaches but also for general health and wellness. The best Chiropractor in Vista!

Adrienne C

I thank God for The Doctor and for him being a pioneer in Northeast California, for making these treatments available to those of us who were in desperate need of help. I also want to thank The Doctor, Nancy and Pam for their kindness, empathy and caring. And to thank my family for their patience, love and help through all my pain.

Bonnie Skinner

Through the course of a few weeks my pain lessened and lessened until it was almost non-existent. I can again work at my computer without pain. I no longer have to sleep, propped up with pillows, with my arm over my head. I am able to teach with more energy now and my overall mood has lightened since I don’t have to deal with the constant pain. I still have some lingering numbness but I expect a full recovery over time, Thanks to The Doctor. That’s something that 3 M.D.s couldn’t do.

Gabe Loggins

Now, after finishing my treatment, I can take care of the children by myself. I am not getting anymore leg cramps. I even fixed my King size bed by myself which I haven’t been able to do for a while. I dusted everything in the house the other day, even the ceiling fan without pain. I walked one mile today, I hope to build back up to 3 miles a day. Me and my husband traveled to Gatlinburg for vacation, and I made it! No pain! My son got married the next weekend and I didn’t have any pain all day.

Patsy Youngblood

I wasn’t allowed to ride my horses again until after the full disc decompression treatment was complete. And now I am through with my therapy and I’ve got my saddle polished and my riding day circled on my calendar. It has been so long since I’ve ridden, I just hope I don’t have to retrain my horses.

Angela Savage